The canals of Venice Beach, California

My short visit to Venice, Italy was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. While I may be nowhere near the shops and canals of Venice, I do live a short drive away from Venice Beach, California. Considering I have lived in California for seven years, it’s quite surprising that I’d yet to venture to Venice Beach.

There are not as many canals as they are used to be, but they are still worth visiting and photographing.


This white house on the corner reminds me of something you would see in Miami.


I didn’t see anyone out on a gondola floating down the canals, but there were a few folks out in some fun recreational boats and kayaks who looked like they were having fun.



Wonder how often they need to trim their house?




This last little darling house wasn’t right on the water, but it was pretty close. It stood out as one of my favorites.

If you want to explore the canals for yourself, you can find them at the cross streetsย Carroll Ct & Eastern Canal Ct,ย Venice, CA 90293.


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