The eclectic artwork of Venice, California

Unique artwork is around nearly every corner in Venice, California. I recently took a day to photograph as much of the artwork as I could find. Here’s a look at some of my favorite pieces that I found.


The above artwork is clearly inspired by Vincent van Goh’s Starry Night. I loved the vibrant colors that really make this artwork stand out on this building. I intentionally shot this so that it would be difficult to tell that it is on a building. However, this artwork is the entire side of a large building. You won’t be able to miss it if you are walking along the Venice Beach shops.


I’m not entirely sure what is going on in the artwork above, but it made me laugh and I like the bright colors that bring it to life.


Graffiti-style artwork really isn’t my thing, even when done legally, but you can’t have a post Venice Beach artwork without some.


Just like the Venice in Italy, graffiti “artists” have tarnished some of the beautiful artwork in the area. 


This Unilfard (Unicorn + Wolf + Leopard) artwork is hands down my favorite piece I came across that day. If you want to find the Unilfard for yourself head to the Abbott Kinney shopping area. He is magical and I really need this on a t-shirt!


I love how the art above uses the brick of the building to blend into the design.


Art even lines the fences of area preschools.


One of my favorite places in the area was a row of houses with elaborately painted fences. Why don’t we all have gorgeous artwork outside our houses like this?




The chihuahuas were just too funny not to photograph.


While this door isn’t technically artwork, I love the brightly colored door that stands out. The bright sunshine yellow pops against the grey and was begging to be photographed.

This is just a sample of all of the wonderful artwork you can find wandering around Venice, California. Next time  you want to explore somewhere unique, head to Venice and bring your camera. You can spend  a full day here (probably  more) just wandering taking photos of art.


Want to know more about seeing Venice Beach, California? Check out my post Exploring Venice Beach, California.


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