Exploring Venice Beach, California


After living in California for seven years I decided it was time I made my first trip to Venice Beach, California. It was everything I expected… and more!


One of the first things I think of when I hear Venice Beach is people working out. I just can’t see myself working out on show like these folks, but they clearly were craving the attention that tourist were all to eager to give them.


Another common sight in Venice Beach is people doing just about anything for a few dollars. Of the many people I saw with awkward photo opportunities and entertainment attempts these drummers pictured above were one of my favorites.


The artwork of Venice Beach sets it apart from the surrounding areas, but I enjoyed how Fox assimilated to the area’s culture and created graffiti-style artwork to promote their show Gang Related.


Many of the sales folks don’t want pictures taken of their merchandise. I was quickly reprimanded after taking this photo of the skeleton heads. I just loved the colors and wanted to capture them on my camera.


The shops in Venice Beach are clearly targeted for tourist. I mean who wouldn’t want kitten space leggings? Why is it that when you are on vacation your standards for what you buy plummets?


A quick search on Yelp lead me to make a stop at The Wee Chippy. As you can see it’s a very interesting set up where you walk up to basically the door of the eatery and order your food. There is only one bench to sit on here so be prepared to continue walking once you get your food. The Yelp reviews were spot on! The Fish and Chips from The Wee Chippy are sensational and I look forward to returning. The numerous options of salt flavors was quite impressive too!



This brick building really stood out to me amongst all the eye sores along the boardwalk. Seeing our gorgeous American flag waving in the wind against the brick was a momentary relief from the rest of the area.


Many creative artists line the boardwalk competing for your hard earned dollars. The man pictured above laboring over some kind of sand sea creature was one of two people I gave a tip to and it was purely because of his hilarious sign.


The skateboard park was a popular tourist draw. It was a lot of fun to grab some action shots here.


Venice Beach is filled with every personality you might think of. For the most part I didn’t care for the people trying to “entertain” me for a few bucks, but the unicyclist performer was hilarious and very entertaining.

As we were all huddled around to see how on earth he was going to get on the giant unicycle he laid down on the ground and asked if I would like his picture. I said “Sure!” and snapped the above photo.

He eventually did make it up on this ridiculously oversized unicycle and went around the crowd a few times. I was happy to tip him because he was genuinely funny and a delight to watch.


Exploring Venice Beach was a great time and I would highly recommend visiting. I don’t think I’d hang out there at night though.

If you are going to go, be safe and keep an eye on your valuables. Know that people are out to get your money one way or the other whether it through tips or selling merchandise.

Personally, I avoided giving money or attention to anyone I thought was abusing animals to make a profit. One man had a dog that was clearly under the influence of some drug, (its breathing was too labored) laying on its back in a bikini next to a martini. People were just laughing and giving the guy money to take a photo, but I just felt bad for the dog so I didn’t want to support the man with my money.


Before you leave Venice beach don’t forget to take a picture with the famous Venice Beach said on Pacific Avenue.


3 thoughts on “Exploring Venice Beach, California

  1. First of all, that photo of the skulls is called advertising. Don’t the shop owners know that I want to buy one now that I’ve seen them?

    Second, I need to get my hands on those kitten space leggings for Halloween… STAT!

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