Venice celebrates Festa del Redentore with fireworks, food and church services


The next place I’ve chosen to write about is Venice, Italy. The famous city surrounded by water recently celebrated the Festa del Redentore (Festival of the Redeemer) on July 19 and 20.

In 1576, Venice was overcome with a devastating plague. A church was built in the honor of Christ the Redeemer on Giudecca as an offering and cry for help for those suffering. The following year, the plaque was eradicated and the citizens of Venice celebrated with a festival that is held the third week of July every year.

One of the festival’s traditions is the construction of a temporary bridge from the mainland to Giudecca. Festival goers make the trek across the bridge for a church service. While people wait for the elaborate fireworks display, they gather in boats and eat and drink.

Check out these photos that were posted on Twitter to see this year’s festival.

Last year, I had the fortunate opportunity to explore Venice for two days. It was not nearly enough time, but we did make a stop at Giudecca to take a few pictures of The Church of the Redeemer.


One of my favorite things we did in Venice was to sit on the edge of Giudecca with our feet dangling over the water. It was a beautiful day and it brought me pure joy to just sit and relax watching the boats pass by.

The hubby and I doing a fabulously awkward selfie on Gidecca.

Ready to plan your trip to Venice? Next year’s festival will be held on July 18 and 19. Now would be a good time to start planning!


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