Peter’s Gourmade Burgers in Tustin, California is a burger lover’s must

It’s very easy to get in a rut and just keep going to the same places you know you like to eat over and over, but that can also be very boring. To break out of my rut, (a.k.a to my husband as eating at Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican  every week) I’ve started relying on my good friend Yelp.

The other day I had a crazing for a burger, but wanted to try something new. Yelp led me to try Peter’s Gourmade Burgers in Tustin, California on the corner of Newport Ave. and McFadden.


I tend to avoid most places in strip malls, but decided to give this place a shot. From the outside it looks like it needs to be on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food Network. I mean look at this charming fellow welcoming you inside.


The menu is overwhelming and is filled with so many delicious sounding options. Everything from burgers loaded with bacon and avocado to gooey sweet potatoes fries topped with melted marshmallows.


When you enter it feels pretty small with only a few tables, but just to the left of the main counter is a larger seating area.


I ordered “The Hermanator” which was topped with bacon and Chipotle Mayo. I almost always gravitate to whatever is covered in Chipotle May. The burger was delicious and tasted fresh. It even had the appearance of a handmade not-from-the-freezer patty. If my food comes too perfectly shaped into a circle or square I’m a little skeptical of the freshness.


If you are looking for a good and fast burger in Orange County check out Peter’s Gourmade Burgers. You can even text your ahead of time so that it is ready when you get there.

I enjoyed Peter’s Gourmade Burgers so much I inspired me to finally write my first review on Yelp. 


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