Laguna Beach sunset and tips for taking your dog to the beach


View from Treasure Island Park overlooking the beach.

One of my favorite beaches in Southern California is Treasure Island Beach in Laguna Beach near the Montage, a five-star resort. If you are visiting Southern California, or live here, this beach is a must to visit.

I remember my first time visiting here my mind was blown. I called my then boyfriend to say “I found where we are going to get married!” We weren’t even engaged yet…awkward! (In case you were wondering we are married now.) As soon as I got home and looked up the Montage prices and quickly realized I would not be getting married here. Sad Michelle.


The Montage is built in a California craftsman style architecture.

Anyhow, even though I couldn’t afford to get married here, access to the beach is free. The one catch is of course finding and paying for parking. The resort itself has a small garage and lot that holds about 40 cars, but good luck getting a spot. Save yourself the stress of fighting other beach goers for a spot and just park across the street. If you get there early or really late you may not have any issues parking.

This is a very popular picnic spot and there are several benches and tables for you to relax on, but we got there about an hour before sunset and had to find a nice grassy spot to have our dinner. I opted to just stop at a Ralph’s in Laguna Beach instead of packing a meal at home. Mistake! This was a tiny Ralph’s with very limited grab-and-go options. We ended up with a hodge podge including fried chicken, Maui onion chips, cheese and Milano cookies.


After ten years of being stuck with me, Eva has her posing down.


There are several access points to the beach along the Treasure Island park area. The one at the very far end of the park is a long gradual ramp. This one is a lot easier for my dog than some of the steeper stairs.

I should point out that June – September dogs are only allowed on the beach before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m. The other stipulation is that they need to be leashed. We typically visit the Huntington Beach dog beach where dogs can roam free. Eva, my almost 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, was frustrated with me most of the time here being that she had to stay on her leash. It’s kinda hard to explain to a dog that she can’t run around like she wants to.


This dog is seriously nutso for the ocean. Just look at her longing stare at the water. What’s even funnier is that she will barely go in the water. But throw a ball and she is the happiest dog on the planet.


Ah! I love this face!

If you are going to take your dog to the beach here’s a few tips to help make your trip enjoyable for you, fido and those around you.


1. Keep an eye on your dog.
Yes, it’s really cool that at some beaches you can let your dog roam free, but keep an eye out that your dog doesn’t start invading people’s space. No one likes a strange dog peeing on their beach set up.

2. Bring water for you and your pet. 
After running around chasing her ball your dog is probably going to be exhausted. Make sure you bring some fresh water and a bowl so your dog can hydrate. Give yourself a drink or two of water too so you don’t get dehydrated.

3. Toys keep your pet busy and happy.
Nothing is more upsetting to my dog than being at the beach without a ball. Bring something to keep your dog engaged and having fun.

4. Clean up after your pooch. 
This should go without saying, but based on what I see it needs to be said. Pick up after your dog. No one expects you to try and pick up No. 1, kick some sand over it, but No. 2 is a non-negotiable here. Be a good human and pick that stuff up.

5. Know your dog.
Is your dog Lassie or Cujo? Be aware of how your dog interacts with other dogs and know the warning signs that indicate aggressive behavior. If you know your dog is aggressive, best to keep them on a leash.


Okay, last one of Eva…for now.


The tide was heading in for the evening and offering up some dynamic photo opportunities. 



I just loved this massive heap of seaweed resting on the shoreline.


I’ll leave you with this one last shot before the sun went away.

I hope you enjoyed these photos of Treasure Island Park and Beach in Laguna Beach and find the tips on taking your dog to the beach helpful.

Now that I’ve shown you one of my favorite places to watch the sunset, share your favorite sunset spot in the comments.


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