Anaheim Packing House: Foodie paradise in Orange County?

Earlier this year a new food mall opened in Orange County called the Anaheim Packing House and it’s basically a foodie paradise.  Imagine your local mall’s food court without the stores and exceptional design.

Before I show all the places to eat let me give you a little background on this historic building. Built in 1919, the Packing House was used to process oranges to be shipped out all over the nation. The railroad tracks that trains used to use to pick up the oranges still exist and they go straight down the middle of the road. From what I understand, trains still run on this route so be careful.


Located at in the heart of Anaheim, just a ten to fifteen minute drive from the Disneyland Resort, the Anaheim Packing House offers a variety of offerings for foodies to chose from.

One of my favorite things about the Anaheim Packing House is all the interesting seating arrangements. If you enter off through the Anaheim Boulevard entrance you will see seating area with succulents hanging above the table and vintage artwork. I want this to be my dining room.


For the most part you walk up to the place you want to order from, get your food and then find a place to sit. This is exactly like you would in any old food court. I’ve been a few times since it opened and it has been extremely busy every time.

Anaheim-Packing-House-Orange-County9   Anaheim-Packing-House-Orange-County10

Every good food mall needs a place to get an espresso drink. I’ve enjoyed a couple of lattes from Cafecito, an artisan coffee roaster from Los Angeles.


There are a few locations that aren’t quite open yet such as Georgia’s. This place looks so cute I can’t wait to try their southern cooking.


There is seating hidden just about everywhere they could find extra space.


For this night out some of us decided to eat at The Kroft who serves up American comfort food with a twist. I don’t believe there is anything healthy on their menu.


Like I said, not winning any health awards any time soon, but my gosh this taste amazing. I went with the Country Fried Poutine, crispy french fries with fried chicken, cheese curds, smothered in country gravy and bacon. Time to share!


There are so many places to try here you just might see me post a few more times about the Anaheim Packing House. If you are going to go be prepared to get there early for a parking spot or be willing to walk a little ways.

Anaheim Packing House locations:
The Kroft – American Comfort Food
Lemon Drop – Strangely Good Juice
The Iron Press – Waffle Sandwiches and Beer
Ecco – Pizza (Coming Soon)
Rolling Boll – Shabu Shabu
Orange Tei – Suishi and Ramen
The Chippy Fish & Grill – Seafood
Cafecito – Coffee/Espresso
Popbar – Popsicles
The Blind Rabbit – Speakeasy Bar
Han’s Homemade Ice Cream – Dessert
Crepe Coop – Crepes, Coffee and Tea (Coming Soon)
Georgia’s – Southern (Coming Soon)
Black Sheep GCB – Grilled Cheese
Adya – Indian
Dark 180 Chocolate – Chocolate
Hammer Workshop and Bar – Tasty Drinks
Wheat & Sons – Butcher/Rotisserie
Saw Leaf – Vietnamese
Studio Le Fluer – Flowers

Ready to experience the Anaheim Packing House for yourself? Get the directions on the Anaheim Packing District website.

Note: All pictures in this post were taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note II. It’s an older phone, but I still love it.


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