Learn how to make Bitterballen from the Netherlands

Today, I’m sharing you with you the last dish I’m making from the Netherlands. This dish is called Bitterballen and can be found in most bars. While once a typical dish that would be made at home, the labor-intensive fried balls are now mostly purchased frozen to be cooked at home or eaten at a restaurant.

After tasting it, I think the best way to describe it is as if you had chicken pot pie inside of a fried ball, but with beef.

Out of all the recipes I’ve tried this one has been the messiest and took the most time. If you want to put some time into this Dutch snack visit The Dutch Table blog for the recipe.



Make the roux out of butter and flour.


My favorite part of making this dish is adding the chicken stock to the mix to get this deliciousness.


Here is a look at my prep station. This party was very messy. I didn’t have any gloves so I thought I’d try sandwich bags. They lasted for about 10 seconds before I just went with my hands.

My final product didn’t turn out perfect, but they were pretty good. I served them with mustard, a few slices of gouda and of course a Heineken.

We also tested out the Dutch favorite way to eat fries – with mayo. At first, I wasn’t too thrilled about this combo, but then I realized it was basically garlic aioli without the garlic. It wasn’t that big of a stretch.

Well that is all for our look into the Netherlands. Were shall we travel to next?

Here is a recap of our look at the Netherlands:

-Dragon Carrot Risotto from The Fault in Our Stars (A made up movie dish)
-Hagelslag with chocolate sprinkles
-Pannenkoek with bacon and cheese (A think pancake)


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